Monster Birthday Cakes

23755020_10203999136374273_5093886530965099058_nIn February of 2017, my youngest son turned one.  I made this monster cake and crash cake for his birthday party.  Again,  I don’t remember what flavors I used, but I tediously piped monster hair all over these things with a grass tip.

The smile on the large cake is just a roll of fondant.  The eyes on both are also fondant.

For the hovering eyes, I used Styrofoam spheres and covered them with white fondant before adding the irises and pupils. I used florist wire bent at slightly different heights to give a sense of expression to the hovering eyes, and when I actually inserted them into the cake I started giggling at how cute it was.  It makes me think of a Muppet for some reason.

When the birthday boy was done with the crash cake, he looked like he’d devoured a smurf!

Paw Patrol Bone Cake


In December 2016 I made this fun cake for my oldest Son’s third birthday. I don’t remember the flavor on this one either. I think some was white and some was chocolate. And it was decorated with Crisco buttercream.  I ordered the sugar sheet logo on Amazon I think, and it was too big for the cake, even trimmed down!  Regardless, he loved it and was happy.

I like using little figurines like this  on cakes because the kids love having something left from the cake to play with.


Frozen Snow Globe Cake


After making my Son’s Minion cake, I found and planned making this cake all year for my Daughter’s fifth birthday in November, 2016. The bottom tier is a simple white cake with a white Crisco buttercream frosting.  I added sugar crystals to make it look like snow.

I made the snow globe following this tutorial by My Cupcake Addition on YouTube.

The base is made by  coating the inside of a giant cupcake silicone mold with candy melts before layering cake inside.  The glass is actually just a fishbowl from a thrift store. the snowflakes are fondant cut out with plunge cutters.  You can’t see it very well in this picture, but there are details on them from the press.

The snow in and on top of the globe are just thick circles of fondant.  I was so proud of this cake and it took me a lot of work at the time.  If I did it now it would probably feel fairly simple for me to do.


First Cake – My Little Pony Birthday


The first cake I made was this cute My Little Pony rainbow cake for my Daughter’s 4th Birthday in 2015.  It was a six inch white cake with five layers inside, each colored to match the buttercream stripes on the outside, plus two fondant clouds at the base of a paper rainbow topper on a blue sky.  If I did this cake again now, I might try making that rainbow out of fondant or gum paste!

I followed this tutorial on YouTube by My Cupcake Addiction when I made this cake and found it very easy to follow.



My Daughter loved this cake, and my family were all very kind with their comments on this imperfect first try.  I couldn’t wait to make my oldest Son’s birthday cake the following month!

Pony Cut