25th Anniversary Cake

26024265_1368824886559486_5543464049141817798_oIn March of 2017, my Mom and Step-Dad celebrated 25 years of marriage.  We threw them a surprise party and I dove head first into my first full fondant cake. I started with a small test cake a few weeks before hand and pawned it off on my co-workers to eat.

My Sister made this awesome cake topper, and I made a chocolate cake with a homemade raspberry filling.

The quilting on the bottom tier turned out quite nicely. I used a clear plastic pattern sheet with the quilt squares on it to press into the fondant, and then went back and pushed in on the squares with the tip of a spoon at the intersections to give it more dimension before painting in a bit of the grey for shading with vodka and silver pearl dust and adding the silver candy spheres.

The piping on the top could have been better.  I used buttercream, but looking back, I should have used a thick white chocolate fondant and then gone back and painted it with the pearl dust after it set. I’d also have done much smaller scroll work.  Maybe another time.  I also decorated it prior to stacking. Actually, I only stacked it after arriving at the venue and didn’t have any supports in it.  It worked fine for this case, but if I had it to do again, I’d have stacked it with supports, and then decorated the top tier before delivering.

Regardless, they loved it and we had a great party to celebrate.