25th Anniversary Cake

26024265_1368824886559486_5543464049141817798_oIn March of 2017, my Mom and Step-Dad celebrated 25 years of marriage.  We threw them a surprise party and I dove head first into my first full fondant cake. I started with a small test cake a few weeks before hand and pawned it off on my co-workers to eat.

My Sister made this awesome cake topper, and I made a chocolate cake with a homemade raspberry filling.

The quilting on the bottom tier turned out quite nicely. I used a clear plastic pattern sheet with the quilt squares on it to press into the fondant, and then went back and pushed in on the squares with the tip of a spoon at the intersections to give it more dimension before painting in a bit of the grey for shading with vodka and silver pearl dust and adding the silver candy spheres.

The piping on the top could have been better.  I used buttercream, but looking back, I should have used a thick white chocolate fondant and then gone back and painted it with the pearl dust after it set. I’d also have done much smaller scroll work.  Maybe another time.  I also decorated it prior to stacking. Actually, I only stacked it after arriving at the venue and didn’t have any supports in it.  It worked fine for this case, but if I had it to do again, I’d have stacked it with supports, and then decorated the top tier before delivering.

Regardless, they loved it and we had a great party to celebrate.


Frozen Snow Globe Cake


After making my Son’s Minion cake, I found and planned making this cake all year for my Daughter’s fifth birthday in November, 2016. The bottom tier is a simple white cake with a white Crisco buttercream frosting.  I added sugar crystals to make it look like snow.

I made the snow globe following this tutorial by My Cupcake Addition on YouTube.

The base is made by  coating the inside of a giant cupcake silicone mold with candy melts before layering cake inside.  The glass is actually just a fishbowl from a thrift store. the snowflakes are fondant cut out with plunge cutters.  You can’t see it very well in this picture, but there are details on them from the press.

The snow in and on top of the globe are just thick circles of fondant.  I was so proud of this cake and it took me a lot of work at the time.  If I did it now it would probably feel fairly simple for me to do.