Monster Birthday Cakes

23755020_10203999136374273_5093886530965099058_nIn February of 2017, my youngest son turned one.  I made this monster cake and crash cake for his birthday party.  Again,  I don’t remember what flavors I used, but I tediously piped monster hair all over these things with a grass tip.

The smile on the large cake is just a roll of fondant.  The eyes on both are also fondant.

For the hovering eyes, I used Styrofoam spheres and covered them with white fondant before adding the irises and pupils. I used florist wire bent at slightly different heights to give a sense of expression to the hovering eyes, and when I actually inserted them into the cake I started giggling at how cute it was.  It makes me think of a Muppet for some reason.

When the birthday boy was done with the crash cake, he looked like he’d devoured a smurf!